This Swiss community relies on the health blockchain to promote a sustainable and responsible cannabis industry

As the adoption of cannabis-based products such as CBD-containing oils, capsules and creams becomes more widespread, consumers should be better informed about the product’s journey from seed to retail, and about the benefits of the product supported by reliable scientific evidence.

A blockchain database on cannabis, focused on protecting consumer privacy and free from commercial influence, can thus be co-built and co-owned by consumers and hold the cannabis brand accountable for its operation according to an ethical, sustainable and consumer-centric model.

The Cannabis Data to Earn (CD2E) community aims to build the first database of cannabis users on dHealth Network, a medical-grade blockchain adopted by pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis, Roche and Eli Lilly. Users can choose who can access which data, which is only stored in the mobile app. CD2E’s goal is to ensure a collaborative effort between consumers and brands.

In return, consumers can earn DHP and DCGS token rewards by storing their own data or validating proposals submitted by cannabis stakeholders to the CD2E community member. And the DHP token can be staked in any dHealth validation node with a current annual return of +50%.

Together, consumers can promote the growth of a responsible, sustainable and inclusive cannabis industry.

What is the CD2E Community?

Cannabis Data to Earn (CD2E) is the first blockchain community of health data designed for cannabis users. Our vision is to provide a medical-grade blockchain infrastructure for privacy and data protection, and to reward early contributors with tokens to co-create the future of the cannabis data blockchain.


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