Lacoste dives into the Web3 through an NFT experience

The famous Lacoste brand arrives in the world of Web3 and blockchain, with its first project of non-fungible tokens (NFT) named UNDW3.

Lacoste dives into the Web3 through an NFT experience

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Lacoste begins its Web3 transition

Lacoste, the famous French crocodile brand, arrives in the world of Web3 with a first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT). This collection is called UNDW3 and is pronounced "Underwater". This name is obviously the link between the natural habitat of the emblematic reptile and the Web3.

Few details have yet been revealed, but the brand promises an immersive experience in collaborative fashion. No doubt, however, these NFTs will play a central role in the brand's Web3 goals. We know, for example, that these new assets will eventually offer the opportunity to vote for Lacoste's creative decisions.

The "The Lacoste Family" community will therefore be delegated, in the future, part of the decision-making role on the orientations of this new project. And for good reason, these NFTs will give voting power to their holders, to participate in the actions that will be carried out and live the experience.

Exclusive access to brand and partner events is also to be expected.

To stay tuned to the next progress of the project, and the upcoming date of the NFT mint, it is already possible to join the Discord server dedicated to this purpose. This will allow you to have the opportunity to be on the Lacoste List, the in-house whitelist.

In addition, until June 13 at 11:30 a.m. Paris time, recordings are open, to participate in the pre-mint of this collection.

👉 Discover the Lacoste website, dedicated to the UNDW3 project

Take advantage of the latest innovations

If we have here the first Web3 initiative of Lacoste, it is still interesting to note that it has already experimented in the digital world. This is illustrated in particular through a partnership with Minecraft last March.

Founded in 1933 by international tennis player René Lacoste, with a first polo shirt named L.12.12, the brand inspires to keep abreast of the latest technological and cultural innovations. This is why the world of blockchain is the logical continuation of its growth.

Moreover, this is a development that we have been observing more and more often since last year, with many brands. Indeed, they announce the creation of their NFT project, or their arrival in the metaverse, through various partnerships with actors in our ecosystem.

Thanks to this new project, Lacoste offers itself new tools, capable of reaching a new audience and thus increasing its reach. The brand enters, in turn, in the ranks of companies, which have fully grasped the interest of the blockchain universe for their growth.


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